The 10 Types Of People You Should Avoid Dating Right Now

To have a successful relationship you’ve got to be on the lookout for the dates who will make you miserable if you enter into a relationship with them. Choosing the right person, and avoiding the wrong ones, will determine everything about your future relationship happiness. Here are the 10 types of people who you will want to avoid at all costs.

The Adrenaline Junkie

They can’t get enough of new exciting things. They want to travel or they are bored. They are always looking for new experiences. They like to take risks. They never stay still.

The problem with the adrenaline junkie is they are much more likely to cheat on you and move between partners quickly. They get bored easily and one day they’ll be bored of you and hopping into bed with someone else. Don’t give adrenaline junkie dates a chance, you deserve someone better.

The Critical

They criticise everything about the people around them. There aren’t enough options on the menu. Their boss is a tyrant, their exes were all awful, everyone has treated them badly in one way or another.

A critical person will find fault in everything you do and nothing you ever do for them will be good enough in their eyes. They don’t understand the meaning of gratitude. Run from the critical dates as fast as you can.

The Never Happy

They are always sad about one thing or another. Everything in life seems to make them miserable even when you’re doing something nice for them.

People who are never happy aren’t suddenly going to change. Our moods are highly influenced by the moods of the people we spend the most time with. Choosing a constantly miserable partner is going to make you miserable too in the long term. If you notice a date who seems constantly miserable then move on rapidly.

The Too Serious

They can’t take a joke; they find humour confusing or annoying. They never make jokes about themselves and can’t take themselves lightly.

The too serious will kill fun from your life. Everyone needs to have fun with their partners to have a happy relationship. If your date isn’t enjoying your jokes or humour, or any type of humour, this is how they’ll be for the rest of your lives. Move on to someone who gets you and your sense of humour, someone who you can have fun with every day.

The Non-committer

They don’t want anything too serious. They want to “see how it goes” or be open to “seeing other people” while they’re dating you. They don’t know if they ever want a family or to get married.

The non-committer isn’t suddenly going to settle down. They choose their lifestyle as it gives them little responsibility and the most fun for them. They’re not really interested in you or anyone for that matter. They’re only interested in what they can get out of as many people as possible. You deserve someone who is committed to you and to your feelings, someone who loves you and cares for you.

The Always Bored

The always bored is quite similar to the adrenaline junkie but instead of doing lots of other exciting things they just complain and take it out on you.

They are unmotivated and never seem to do anything. They have dreams but never do anything to work towards them. Instead they complain that nothing is good enough and blame you for their frustrations and failures.

Soon they’ll be bored and cheating on you and probably will blame you for it for any number of invalid reasons. Make sure you choose a potential partner who is interested in you and who isn’t blaming everyone for their failures.

The Loner

The loner has no friends or very few friends. They don’t get along well with others and they prefer to keep to themselves.

The problem with the loner is that they’re going to be looking to you for their social needs. They’re going to want you as their friend 24/7. They aren’t going to be going out with their friends. You aren’t going to have a break from them at all. They’ll always be around. Social engagements will also be a nightmare, they’re not going to be good at interacting with your friends and family. You’ll always be having to essentially childmind them.

Every relationship needs moments of rest where one or both partners go out with friends. It’s hard to have a person around you all the time. Everyone needs time away from their partner in order to stay happy and to keep their relationship strong. Choose someone who has friends and healthy social skills so that you can stay sane and enjoy your life.

The Train Wreck

They have had a steady stream of destruction in their past. They’re cheated on others or been cheated on. They’ve done a whole range of reckless things.

While everyone can change most people don’t change too much from who they’re been in the past. If you find out someone has had a history of lots of bad things happening (or of doing bad things) be very very wary of them as you’re next on the list. Don’t get involved with that, move on to a date with a better past.

The Lazy

They never do anything including basic tasks like cleaning. They are incapable and/or unwilling to look after themselves never mind any other person. They have little to no ambition or prospects.

The lazy will try to make you their own personal slave. You’ll be doing their cleaning, and every other chore they can get away with. They won’t be working to make your life easier but instead will think like the world owes them a favour for just existing. You’d be better off alone than with a lazy partner.

The Emotionally Unstable

They find it hard to manage their emotions, one moment they’ll be happy and the next crying over something small. They get angry over the smallest things. One second life is wonderful to them and the next they hate their life and everyone around them (including you.) Everything is someone else’s fault when they are upset.

An emotionally unstable partner is going to make your life miserable. Everyone gets upset at times or feels sad but for an emotionally unstable person they’ll be like this constantly and rapidly cycle through emotions. They will make your life miserable. Avoid getting involved with dates who can’t control their emotions well.

Stay Alert & Listen To Your Instincts

Dates are meant to be fun but also you’re there to evaluate if the person in front of you is going to be good for you and if you’ll be able to build a happy lifelong relationship together. Keep alert for any of the behaviours I’ve described as well as anything else that feels like a warning sign. Most of all trust your instincts, if something feels off about a date then listen to that feeling. We pick up all kinds of non-verbal cues from people when we interact together: Listen to them.

Always stay alert on dates so you can reject all the bad ones and find the best future partner for you.




Relationship Researcher & Coach: Creating Healthy Relationships @

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Simon Samuels

Simon Samuels

Relationship Researcher & Coach: Creating Healthy Relationships @

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